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We are excited to get you into our brand new spaces so you can experience the ultimate workout on Nantucket Island.

We use exceptional equipment, signing up for classes is a breeze with our online booking tool, and we are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals.

We feature the finest "un"stationary bikes available on Nantucket Island

realryder stationary bike in action

We use realryder stationary bikes.

Lean, steer,& workout like never before. learn more

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Nantucket Fitness Studio Classes:

Cross Fit Class uses methods of functional body movements that are done at high intensity and constantly varied. Both body weight exercises mixed with weight training and cardio will give you a great all around workout. Push ups, pull ups, air squats, running, jump rope and kettle bells are just a few of the exercises we use. Everyone is welcome and classes are designed so that all levels of fitness can work together.

Sculpt & Weight Class works all major muscle groups using free weights, medicine balls, and kettle bells.

Cardio Fitness Class includes cardio, calisthenics, strength and functional movements using your body and lots of various equipment. Cross fit and interval training are the main theory in this class.

Kettlebells Class utilizes an old Russian training tool that became very popular in the US around 2000. Movements using the kettle bell include the swing, snatch and cleans. Exercises using the whole body which require strong core stabilization.

Heavy Bag Class is a fast paced class that will teach you
basic self defense combinations on the bag as well as how to correctly hit and kick the bag.

Beginners Session is a 3 class session where you can come and learn the basics of working out. You will learn how we utilize weight training, kettle bells and heavy bags into our workouts and how to make each class adaptable to your individual goals.

We offer even more classes……. Specialty Classes are added each month. Check the schedule for details!

Nantucket Cycling + Fitness
25 Young's Way

2 Greglen Ave PMB #2
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